Clearline Traffic Solutions

About Us

Clearline Traffic is a division of Clearline Technologies Ltd. Clearline Technologies has been manufacturing world-class products for the construction industry out of 100% recycled rubber for 20 years. We have continued this tradition with our new line of traffic calming products. Every design feature on our products has been carefully thought out, researched, developed and tested to ensure that we provide the best product with the highest quality and features for everyone to benefit from.

Why Choose Clearline traffic ?

All our products are made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber. Every time you purchase from Clearline Traffic, you get a world class product that is truly green.

Why Buy Recycled ?

Clearline Technologies is committed to reducing the worlds waste problem which is why we only use 100% recycled rubber in all of our products. We continuously looks for innovative ways to add value in our products to enhance the product experience and effectiveness.